The First City Beer Festival

Holding of the event marked the accession of Lviv to the European tradition of annual colorful celebrations, which are based on folk music, dancing and games combined with tasting of different beers.

Holiday was conducted in a format that is typical for traditional beer festivals in Europe. Similar festivals take place in Germany (Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Beer Festival), Czech Republic (Pilsner Fest), Ireland (Great Irish Beer Festival) and other countries with a rich history of brewing.

Ethno-theater cultural program was the main element of the Holiday that set it apart from beer festivals, which previously held in Lviv and were reduced mainly to the sale of beer and several concerts of pop, rock or electronic music.

The idea of ​​the event included placement on the territory of Rynok Square, Mytna Square, Valova Street and the area behind the City Arsenal — four areas of activity, in each of which using performances by musical and dance groups, theater companies, holding of various competitions there were presented cultural features such countries as Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic and Ireland.

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