III City Beer Festival and VI City Holiday “Batyar’s Day in Lviv” united!

Taste beer and be a batyar in Lviv style! From 8th to 12th of May Lviv will turn into true mega cultural capital, as the Beer Festival and Batyar’s Day will unite in order to create a real full house for Lviv inhabitants and visitors alike. We believe that you will remember this event for a long time!


The main event of the Beer Festival will be the fact that all interested persons will be able to taste the beer from the most famous “beer countries” of the world!

The festival will be divided into several zones, each of which will represent one of the countries known for its tradition of brewing. The festival will allow you without leaving the city visit Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Holland and England. And not just taste a beer of these countries, but also better know their culture, since to our city representatives of these countries will visit to demonstrate authentic beer traditions, which in turn are directed at demonstrating what culture of beer consumption is.

Within five days the festival will entertain visitors by Gastronomic Fair “Beer and to beer”, various interactive entertainments, interesting beer competitions, spectacular concert show program, unique open-air parties and it’s far not all!

And if at the festival you meet stylish batyars in hats and sleeveless jackets who amuse audience, sing songs, dance, pay court to girls and whoop it up, you should know that you got on VI City Holiday “Batyar’s Day in Lviv”, which will be celebrated at the III City Beer Festival. It will be an incredible amount of entertainment and attractions!


And for those who want to become a batyar and honored guest at batyr’s taverns at the festival Batyar’s Chancellery will work, which will officially dedicate you to batyars and as sign of it you'll receive a name batyar ID.

Visitors from different parts of the city will be attracted by aromas of batyar dishes, because the Holiday will prepare Fair of batyar dishes that will perfectly fit to the beer. Also at the Festival Batyar concrete plant will work. Sculptors in front of holiday guests will create concrete batyars and will produce for you the individual casts of hands or feet.

During the Holiday you will learn batyar dancing, to shoot cans by bean in batyar shooting gallery, make hats for real girls and sing together with the musicians batyar and Ukrainian songs.

The most colorful events of May will be only at the III Beer Festival!


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